The Issue of Public Speaking — Vulnerability and Humility

Sometimes I feel like people demand me to speak perfectly all the time. I don’t have the mental capacity to do that. Aside from me as a shy person, I don’t think I did something serious or important or meaningful to the community to be entitled as a speaker on behalf of an “activist”, that’s why I try to limit myself to be on stage. I just want to represent my job or myself, humbly, being truthful about who I am, where I am originated from.

But things changed as I saw lots of speakers at COP 26. They did not do it for the sack of recognition, they did not focus on how they perform. Instead, they simply delivered it even with broken English because they have bigger purpose with what they were telling. So stop telling people that you don’t have time, that there are better person than you to speak on that area. It is never too big, it is never too bad. When you take your space, the world will watch you as your ideas sparkling.



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