Rainbow after Storm

Suddenly yet softly, my surroundings were sucked into a black hole at the core of my heart, it was so tight it could explode. And yes, my heart did explode eventually. Pulling over, I let my tears run down my face, recalling all the things that had me feeling this way.

It was an external force, I know, but I couldn’t contain it myself. I tend to label myself negatively every time I encounter false expectations or indirect criticism from others. It would be a streak — as if your heart is being hit by a truck after being struck by lightning — if your clumsy self bumped your car and no one else to blame because it’s clearly your fault; just like what happened to me this morning.

It took me a while to absorb the shocking catastrophe; in my mind, I skimmed and scanned the survival knowledge I had on what and how to respond. Turns out tons of self-improvement advice or self-love quote didn’t help me immediately.

This may sounds cliche, but gratefulness made my last ammo. “Just swallow it and carry on,” sort of like that. Little did I know the day wasn’t that dark. Work’s finished early, two meetings got canceled, I got the chance to go home when the sun’s still out and enjoying McDonald’s choco top on my way home.

After all, there will always be a happy ending. If it’s not happy, then it’s not the end.



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