7 Habits of HEP — The Intro Reaction

So I’ve just read the intro chapter of this book and I think it would be beneficial for everyone — as if someone ever read this — if I shared a little bit of what I’ve learned. (Besides, the book told me to share within 48 hours while it’s still fresh, and I’m too naive and vulnerable to share it on IG).

Here’s to note:
I never consider myself a bookworm or having reading as a hobby. I can even count with my fingers the number of books I’ve ever finished reading.

In my defense:
It appears to me that I rarely had finished books in my entire life because:

  1. I haven’t found any good books to finish.
  2. It wasn’t that I had no time, I just didn’t make time.
  3. Most times if I got too excited I’d swim with my own thoughts until I forgot what made me think that way in the first place and doing other things instead.. like writing this post lol

But the part that made me excited is how Covey’s articulate our daily struggle — I know it’s a classic one, some of you might have read it since JHS.. but it’s timeless, remember? — he talks about the emotionally dependent trait and it slaps me hard. So with this post, I’d like to declare that I’m on my way to be an emotionally independent person (I don’t need someone to validate my feelings) and further will be emotionally interdependent (I know I also need other people to exchange emotions).

Moreover, I’m impressed by the Product/Production Capacity (P/PC) Balance, which made me realize my awful reign back then of not investing more on the PC side. And I knew right away about the roots to my issue... merely from an introduction of a book (!)

It seems to me that I’ll be able to finish this insightful life guide, hopefully. By applying the habits consistently, I wish I could shift my paradigm into a better, and more effective one.



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